Saturday, 10 December 2011

Glamour Magazine

After the photo shoot we decided our pictures fitted in nicely with Glamour magazine after looking into a shoot called Chic Encounter in Novembers issue. The shoot is inspired by the 1940s, and since ours was highlighting the 1950s, it helped emphasise the old, stylish outcome we were hoping for.
Here is the first pictures of the shoot in Glamour:

We thought the double page spread reminded us of the pictures with both models in the library and would work well as the first image of our collection. Glamour magazine is not just about fashion, it also contains celebrity gossip, hair and beauty and competitions. We liked that it wasn't just a fashion magazine as our pictures are based on the locations not just the garments.

Here is another picture, we liked the way the model is presented with her short dress and little black shoes, as this was how we styled the model in the lamp post pict

We found that the pictures wouldn't work as well in Vogue magazine as some of their photo spreads are on brands and are consistant in using up coming trends. Our shoot focuses a lot on the location and the significance it has with the film, rather than done in a studio, which vogue tends to use a lot.


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