Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Model update

So the definite models are Amiee Shields and Danny Powers, they have both done a little bit of modeling before. Aimee is meeting us at 9.30am tomorrow at Fishergate, and Danny cant meet until 11/12ish because he's in Liverpool and we were last minute in letting him know which is fair enough.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Location Update

I went and asked in the cafe today, and the only time they will let us do the shoot is either 7am-8am or 3.30/4ish onwards. I think we should go for the later one as it's much more convenient for everyone, the only issue is we don't have Dave's help. Hopefully we'll of picked up pointers throughout the day with him so we can manage on our own. We could also borrow equipment from Dave for the rest of the shoot. Is Thursday afternoon okay for everyone? Because we'll have to let them know asap. 

Iconic Poses and Shots within the film

Here are some Iconic shots and poses in reference to the film which we could take a look at and get some inspiration from interms of how our model should present themselves with the shot.

Here are some images using classic 1950's poses from both the 1950's and the present day representing the 50's. These poses were used by many models.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Make Up- Eyes

I recently watched Beyonce's video for 'Countdown' and her eye make really stood out as something that would look good on our model. The simple flick, toned down skin and pink lips looks really elegant (albeit not so much here but on our model it would. It would be really simple to do as well, and is very representative of Audrey Hepburn in the movie.


After looking at a few photographers i really like Tim Walker, its quirky but classic and the pictures i've seen have brilliant locations. I also like Mario Testino's work however because it's very high end fashion in a studio it's not what we're going for. The locations of our pictures are very important, and that's what i personally feel most excited about.


Vogue have recently added an Audrey Hepburn style file to their website, which contains images of her throughout her lifetime. Most of the pieces are timeless, eg the trench and the little black dress. We are quite lucky with our film in the sense that this year the 'midi' came back into fashion, 2011 fashion is quite feminine and that is the way we wanted to go with our styling. After looking at WGSN i noticed that the femininity will be carrying on next year, especially in s/s12. One of the s/s12 trends which is very close to our styling is the 50s housewife style, lots of hourglass styled dresses, to the knee dresses and lots of colour.

More clothes

These are dresses i got off my great gran, i love the blue one and think it would look great on the model. I also think the other would great under a trench coat.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

James Duffy

This is our second candidate his name is James Duffy and his does musical theatre so he's not shy and can get into character when needed. He's slim and looks the part when in a suit. I think he would look great with his hair greased back with a hat on and braces.

Potential Model

Me and Amy were in the library and spotted thi guy in the distance, really tall, dressed smart so we were brave enough to ask him and he's free next thursday, comments please.
This picture shows he's slim, tall and likes to dress smart.

Pictures of model

I just got some pictures off facebook so everyone knows what she looks like, im still waiting for her to email me her modeling pictures.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Finally got a model sorted if everyone likes her, she's called Aimee Shields and i went to school with her. She's recently started modeling so is willing to do it for free, i said we'd get the pictures to her for her portfolio. I can get the clothes altered? Unless you just want to pin it on the day. She currently has black hair but i thought we can make it lighter with dry shampoo and also edit it if everyone wants her hair to look paler? She is size 4 top, size 8 waste, size 7 shoe, and 5 ft 10. (I don't know why but again its not letting me upload any pictures, so i'll keep trying but if i have no luck then i'll show you's tomorrow in our meeting.)

Music for Powerpoint

This song reminded me of the film because it's about wanting to live in Paris and in the film Audrey wanted to go to Paris so i think it has a connection. I thought this remix suited the assignment better than the original by Friendly Fires because i can see it being used in a fashion show, because its more edgy, the song takes a little while to get into but can be easily edited, Amy listened to it with me last week and thought it fitted well, so let me know what you's think!
(its not letting me upload a video at the moment, so i'll put the link up and put the video up on a later date)


I took some pictures of potential clothes last week and showed them to the girls, the group really liked them and decided they want to use a few of these pieces. The clothes are mine and i also raided my great grans wardrobe too. We decided we wanted to take mainly the location from the film, because we're taking our main inspiration as the location we have chosen more feminine clothes, a bit brighter and more fun, but not too over the top. We still have a few things to get, mainly accessories.

This dress is from Topshop and is really feminine and is just above the knee, i think the colour would look great in a dull background.

This is another dress made by my gran, again just above the knee, after showing the girls we agreed it would look good in the cafe shot, maybe with a thin belt.

Although this top is fairly dull, it's still really feminine yet subtle because its silk, again would look great with a pair of capri pants, the top is from Mango.

This is one of the tops the girls wanted to use in one of the shots, we decided to mix it up instead of sticking purely to dresses. The top is from Topshop and i think with a pair of pants and some loafers or brogues it will work really well.

Although we wanted colour we also wanted a black and white shot with the model walking, we decided the top above looks better but this is just another idea.

This was my prom dress which was made by my gran, a Luella Bartley style, who is renowned for her quirky girly dresses and the girls wanted to use this dress in the book shop shot.