Thursday, 17 November 2011

Update on Locations

  •  The Bookshop said they would definitley do it. It doesn't open until 10.30 so we'd have to go then, but they're fine with us photographing in there. There is a bit more room near the back of the shop, but we'd really only be able to get Dave, the model and maybe one or two of us in there. 
  • The cafe was also fine with us shooting in there, but they'd prefer it to be at the end of the day more towards 3.30/4ish. If we want to do it in the day when we have Dave we've got to let them know and they'll corner off an area for us. They only have the one bar area and that is the coffee counter they use all the time which can't be closed at all, so we can't use that. We also can't go anywhere that would involve us asking customers to move, nor can we get customers or staff in the shots. Because we can't have the bar shot, we could go back to having the male and female model sitting on opposite tables so we can use the cafe as a location?


  1. I think its a good idea to change the Cafe image to in the day time and change the originally shoot around as will only have Dave for three hours in the morning and this was one of the shoots we wanted his professional help on.