Thursday, 17 November 2011

First meeting- 17th November

We all met up as a group at half 12 today in the library to discuss our thoughts on the film and to share any ideas we had. We decided to focus our images mainly on the Locations within the film i.e. Bookshop and Cafe with a hint of the Story board to reflect key scenes in the film and sticking to the 1950's style.
Image one- We have chosen to set image one in a Bookshop in Preston Town, the clothing style is still open for discussion but we plan to use a Prom Dress provided by Ashleigh. We want to avoid replicating the shots so plan on putting our on twist in the image but still using the Audrey Hepburn styled model and sticking to the dull coloured clothing that she starts off with in the film.
Image two- This will have a hint of the Balloon scene within it however with extras causally holding a balloon as 'Audrey' walks along the river walking a dog wearing & fitted pants as oppose to a dress
Image 3- This will reflect the Cafe location that Audrey often finds herself in throughout the film however in contrast she will be wearing a brightly coloured dress. 'Fred Astair' will also feature in this shot sat a few tables away from 'Audrey' throwing her a slight glance to reflect the romance forming between the 2
Image 4- Based around the foundation of the film which is Astair Photographing Audrey. We intend to take the shot from over 'Audreys' shoulder focusing on 'Astair' photographing her.
Image 5- The final image Audrey will be wearing a white dress to reflect the wedding dress she wears at the end of the film and Astair in a cream or brown suit both either walking away from the camera alongside a row of lamposts or swinging around the lamposts.
The Shoot with Dave takes place on the 29th November

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