Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Locations- Preston

 This is the book store on the way into town. I asked the owner and he said a shoot in there would be fine, the only problem is it is really cramped in there. Also he would prefer it if only a few people were in there at a time. So many books and not a lot of space to move in at all. There is no ladder similar to that in the film, but there is a staircase to the cellar the owner is quite 'oldy-worldy'. Getting lights and cameras set up in there would be a bit of a task
This is the same bookstore company, just a little further down the street. I didn't go in this one as it was closed at the time, but it might be a little emptier and more room-ly for a photo shoot if we definitely want to do one in a bookshop. Waterstones and perhaps WHSmiths are something to look into as well. There is also an Oxfam bookstore.

This little church is opposite Primark and space outside on the street would be limited and very full of people walking by, but it's a potential area.

I can't remember the name of this cafe, but it is the one that we could definitely use. Looked quite small from the outside if we have a lot of equipment, but would look perfect in photos!

Harris Building in the centre of the town. It's very picturesque and with the right editing and lighting could probably pass for Paris. This area could be great for the balloon shot. It's not somewhere that would get tremendously busy either like a street, so this would be ideal for any ideas we have really. Plus it's outdoor and public so we wouldn't need any permission to photograph. 

This area is inside a small shopping precinct next to French Connection. We might need permission from the owner to photograph in there, but it's very vintage looking and if it was raining or the weather wasn't very good it could make a good alternative to the outside of Harris Building which looks fairly similar. 

The lady who runs this shop is really friendly and kind, so she probably would let us borrow clothes and props and maybe even this bike from the shop!

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