Sunday, 20 November 2011

Samples of garments which could be used in the photo shoot

Here are a few items i thought would work well in certain shots:

Here is a dress that i thought might work well in the bookshop scene, contrasting the fashion in the 1950's. We are looking for a prom style dress to emphasise the difference in fashion today and to highlight that she's wearing a beautiful dress in a book shop where she works.

Here is another dress i thought might work well under her trench coat, highlighting her change in clothing throughout the film, yet kept slightly hidden under the main feature of the trench coat. The bright colour maybe too much, and could be edited on photoshop to create a darker shade of maroon.

The style of this dress fits in well with the iconic style of 1950's dresses, which are worn in Funny Face. The way the shape of the dress floats out, resembles the style Audrey Hepburn wears. This dress could work well in the scene outside with the big lamp posts in the background with the other model representing Fred Astaire.

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