Wednesday, 23 November 2011


I took some pictures of potential clothes last week and showed them to the girls, the group really liked them and decided they want to use a few of these pieces. The clothes are mine and i also raided my great grans wardrobe too. We decided we wanted to take mainly the location from the film, because we're taking our main inspiration as the location we have chosen more feminine clothes, a bit brighter and more fun, but not too over the top. We still have a few things to get, mainly accessories.

This dress is from Topshop and is really feminine and is just above the knee, i think the colour would look great in a dull background.

This is another dress made by my gran, again just above the knee, after showing the girls we agreed it would look good in the cafe shot, maybe with a thin belt.

Although this top is fairly dull, it's still really feminine yet subtle because its silk, again would look great with a pair of capri pants, the top is from Mango.

This is one of the tops the girls wanted to use in one of the shots, we decided to mix it up instead of sticking purely to dresses. The top is from Topshop and i think with a pair of pants and some loafers or brogues it will work really well.

Although we wanted colour we also wanted a black and white shot with the model walking, we decided the top above looks better but this is just another idea.

This was my prom dress which was made by my gran, a Luella Bartley style, who is renowned for her quirky girly dresses and the girls wanted to use this dress in the book shop shot.

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